Monogrammed Mini-Tray & Faux Etched Glass Workshop--U Schedule It!

In this workshop you assemble and make the following:

  • A stained and monogrammed (stenciled) mini-tray with handles. You will stain and stencil the tray and attach the handles or take the handle to attach at home.
  • A sample piece of glass or mirror you have stenciled with the mixture we use to make faux etched glass.
  • A new stencil brush.
  • A small jar of pre-mixed product for the glass etching. The products are Fine Stone and Pearl Plaster by Artisan Enhancements mixed with a 1:1 ratio. Larger jars of both products are available for purchase.
  • This workshop teaches an easy, economical gift idea. Make more at home.
  • Our paint and products are discounted 10% the day of the workshop so you may want to plan to purchase the Vintage Alphabet Stencil set to make gifts at home. 

Here are a few uses for the mini trays:

  • Hold Mail
  • Hold Keys
  • Leave Notes for family members
  • Cheese board
  • Bread board
  • Wine stand
  • Bridal toasts stand

 Contact us to arrange this workshop for groups--birthday parties, bridesmaid gifts etc. Design the board everyone will make with your choice of colors or stains. 

Cost: 50.00 per person

Special Price: 45.00 when you bring your own set of Vintage Alphabet Stencils 

The minis are also available to be custom ordered here.


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