Glaze Couture!™

Glaze Couture™ is perfect for applying over paint to enhance or even change the color, age or distress a look, enhance details or any faux application you choose. We also use it as a stain. Read about one project where Van Dyke Brown made a beautiful stain on a oak piece here.

This glaze is so easy to use. Some colors are available in larger sizes. Check this link or email for more information.

"Be sure your painted projects have dried at least 12 to 24 hours. Wait 24 hours between coats. Apply the Glaze Couture! with a quality brush. Wait a couple of minutes and wipe off any excess with a dry foam brush or a dry staining pad. If you prefer the Glaze to be deeper, just apply with nice, even brush strokes and let it dry 24 hours for a beautiful 'protective' matte finish. Clean-up with warm soapy water."


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