Funky Junk Old Sign Stencil--Farmer's Market

Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils 
  • Custom designed and manufactured with heavy weight 10 mil mylar
  • Some stencils are inspired by authentic antique signs and crate markings
  • Unique center and alignment registration marks make positioning easy
  • Many of the stencils were specifically created to mix and match with each other

Follow the creator of these stencils HERE!
    NOTE from our supplier: "Please purchase a stencil in order to use these designs. They are original copyright protected designs, and by purchasing a stencil, you're covered. The stencil designs themselves cannot be copied into other stencils nor used for mass produced items. Basically put, if you made the item yourself using our stencil, you're good to go! You may use these stencils for your own creations, and to create projects to sell."


      • 1 piece stencil
      MARKET EXTENSIONS (sold separately) is a set to mix & match with the Farmers' part of Market to help you create 4 different market signs! Purchasing Farmers' Market is required to make the Extensions work.

        Prices are USD

        NOTE: To pick up your stencil at Fresh, enter "local" as a discount at check-out to avoid shipping charges added to your invoice. Email if you have problems.


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