Eulalie's Sky is The Fresh Factor

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It was a simple-ladder back kitchen chair that I spotted in the back of a friend's storage shed. I was buying antique french doors from her and needed a couple of smalls to complete the transaction. I could see through the spider webs that the chair was sturdy and a popular style for an extra chair in the farmhouse kitchen

Eulalies Sky Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint blog

It sat in the yard at Fresh for a week or so but even our southeast Texas rains couldn't clean it up. I think it was the cleaning it that kept me from getting started. But one slow afternoon at Fresh I brought the chair inside and scrubbed it down.

I had recently painted with Miss Mustard Seed's Eulalie Sky mixed with Kitchen Scale but I thought this chair needed the straight "Sky." 

Mixing milk paint is easy. But the "mixing" is what keeps some people from trying milk paint. The rich, all natural powder can look intimidating. "What if I get it too thick? Too thin? What if I don't get all the particles dissolved and mixed in? It takes too much time."

How do I know that's what people think? Because I do the same thing. Sometimes I think it is too much trouble. Or takes too much time. But once I get started I remember just how easy milk paint is and how much I love, love to paint with it.

My top choice of tools for mixing milk paint is  the battery-operated mini-mixer, recommended by Miss Mustard Seed.

The one draw-back to the mini mixer is the paint can froth up quickly. But since the re-constituted paint needs to sit and rest about 10 minutes before use, the froth usually dissolves in that time. Stir it occasionally while it sits and rests. And stir occasionally afterwards while you paint.

 Place small pieces of furniture on a table and elevate larger pieces with risers to save your back and to make painting easier. Here I used two 2"x4" blocks to raise the chair off the drop cloth and make it easy to paint the edges.

 The rich, creamy milk paint went on like butter. This job took so little time I almost feel guilty blogging about it.

Quite a contrast, don't you think? This is one of my favorite parts of a project! I can see old paint/new paint side by side.

Eulalie's Sky is definitely a color for an updated farmhouse look.

I applied two coats. Both coats dried quickly and I am happy, happy. 

And finished!

The painted chair received a wipe down with Miss Mustard Seed's Hemp Oil to deepen and protect the finish.

I love the fresh new look. This chair reminds me of blue Mason Jars.

The entire project took under 3 hours and much of the time was drying time. I completed the steps in between other chores, including greeting and waiting on customers.

Throw a drop cloth over your dining room table today and update something with a fresh coat of milk paint.  

It's easy! It's safe! It's fun! It's "Eulalie's Sky" milk paint by Miss Mustard Seed!

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