Primer: Painting Mason Jars

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Grandma’s canning jars have always been handy for holding flowers, pencils etc. Today, crafters are decorating and embellishing the jars and creating additional uses for the old favorite. At Fresh we carry several lids that make converting a jar easy. Lids to make solar lights, toothbrush holders, coin banks, flower vases, soap dispensers and more are available at our store and online in our webstore.

Here is how we paint the jars.

Materials Needed:

Washed and dry Mason jar—any size

Primer—Either Matte Topcoat by Paint Couture or Artisan Enhancement Clear Topcoat Sealer

2 colors paint—We recommend Paint Couture, DIY, or Miss Mustard Seed

3 small brushes (our smallest boar bristle brush EPB-S works well)

Cardboard (small squares for off-loading)

Lid or Ribbon

Paper towels

Container with water for used brushes


Apply a coat of primer over the entire surface of the jar (except the neck) and let dry.

Apply your base-color paint and let dry.

Dip a small chip brush in the second color paint and off-load paint onto the cardboard until there is very little paint on the bristles. This is preparation for “dry-brushing.”

Dry-brush (with a very light touch) vertically and horizontally to raise letters and get a cross hatch effect.

When dry, add your preferred lid or tie a ribbon around the neck.

Voila!  A hand crafted gift to say “thanks” or “get well” or “happy birthday!”

Take Mom some fresh picked flowers from your yard!

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