Brass Charm Necklaces--Original Art @ Fresh

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I am thrilled to bring these original charm necklaces to Fresh in Jasper. Each necklace is designed and created by one of my favorite Texas artists. I have known her as an art teacher, a friend and as my business partner in two ventures while I lived near Fort Worth. Here is what she says about the necklaces:

"Each necklace is unique and is handmade varying in length from 30''-36". The charms in these necklaces are made from vintage elements taken from jewelry from the past as well as new charms.

I have an extensive collection of bits and pieces of vintage jewelry and love incorporating them in each necklace. Beaded drops and inclusions are put together to enhance the color and theme of the necklace. Images under glass (and there are usually 3 in each) are images that also highlight the theme and color of the necklace. Some images under glass are from my own original artwork; reduced to fit the various glass 'bubbles' included.

While themes may be duplicated, each necklace is an original work as I catalog it upon leaving my studio and it is referenced to ensure that no two will be alike." 

To learn more about this talented Texas artist, visit her website here

Pictured are the necklaces and themes we chose for Fresh customers.

Stop by Fresh soon to see them in person.

If you are an online shopper, contact via email.



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