Mid-Century Update with Paint Couture --the fresh factor

Posted on May 25, 2015 by Sharon Wells | 0 comments

Mid-century tier tables like this one are readily available in estates and consignment shops and are often in really good shape. They do need a little updating for most homes today.

The Couture Collection™ has everything needed for the project I had in mind: acrylic paint, water-based glaze and metallic paint. After cleaning the table thoroughly I brushed on a thin coat of Vintage Flair.  This popular color falls on the lighter end of Teal, a beautiful mixture of perfect green and blue.

In some places I lightly dry-brushed. I had been inspired by a picture and knew what I was going for with this table.

The leather top was in great shape and although I have painted over leather in the past I decided to leave it in original condition on this table.

Step 2: After only one coat of Vintage Flair and the proper drying time (at least 24 hours,) it was time to apply Glaze Couture!™ Specifically Verde Green.

Glaze Couture!™ is so easy. Sometimes I brush it on and leave it. Sometimes I brush it on and wipe it off leaving it in the grooves and details. On this piece I did a little of both.

The glaze would have been a perfect place to stop. I loved the look. But I had been researching the trending use of metallic paints and I wanted to add one more thing. 

The Couture Collection™ has metallic paints in several colors and they are all avaiable in our webstore. For the final touch on this project I chose Pale Goldavailable in our webstore.

You may not know that metallic paint can be dry-brushed like most other paints.

I thought it was perfect for highlighting details, emphasizing edges and coloring the grooves on this table.

This project took so little time! Beautiful products. Easy and safe to use. Soap and water clean-up. If you haven't tried The Couture Collection™ what are you waiting for? The glazes and metallic paints are online in our store. Email us to order the paint. Or visit us at Fresh where this table will be for sale.

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