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Search Google for "farmhouse decor" and you should find links to pages of blogs that offer advice on how to create a sanctuary of simplicity in your home. Farmhouse styling and staging can give a family a brief but welcome relief from the high tech, fast paced world where they spend their school and work day. The look is not new, just revived, recycled and re-purposed. I wanted to mention a few of the suggested elements many of the blogs I read had in common.


Vintage or vintage style rustic pieces like benches, stool, ladders...

...shutters and doors, old tool caddies and produce crates used for centerpieces and storage. 

The weathered pieces are sometimes functional and often decorative.

Exactly which heart string these old pieces tug at is uncertain. Maybe it's the reaching back that anchors us to something tangible. 

French windows and doors with small panes were another common element. If they can't be part of the original construction, they are used as decor throughout the house. Vintage screened doors are often used for kitchen pantry doors and rollers, patterned after barn doors, are used on closet doors.

Choose farmhouse fabrics like grain sacks, burlap, linen, cotton...

...and billowy lace. Those fabrics combine with white accessories to provide softness and simplicity.

Metal beds painted white paired with white bedding...

White dishes and ironstone stored on open shelves or cupboards look very much at home with other natural textures.

Add color with re-purposed, re-painted furniture...

including original farmhouse pieces like this dry sink.

Accessorize with mason jars, wire baskets, galvanized farm pieces...

old silverplate...

and organic elements including...

live plants and fresh flowers.

And that's a short list of what the bloggers recommended. Read them all. There's much more.

The items we've shared here were all in our shop on College Street over the past two years. Most of these things are in someone's home now.

Along with farmhouse style, we've featured vignettes for beach and lake houses, mid-century decor, garden rooms and potting sheds, romantic French and more. Sweet compliments have flowed freely, but the one that stands out in my mind is the lady who said as she was leaving, "This has been a walk through Pinterest."

Our mission has always been to support the Do It Yourself Home Designer and Decorator so a comparison to Pinterest, the webpage for the DIYers, is a huge compliment for Fresh.

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