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Add color and update the furniture in your home.  Do it yourself! It's easy, safe, fun and budget friendly!

We have been painting with Mother Earth Paints this week. Mother Earth is a line of furniture paint we have added at Fresh and will be available soon at all locations and online. Learn more about Mother Earth Paints here.

When learning a new technique or trying a new product, always start small.

If you don't already have a small cabinet like this, try your local thrift store. The dated chunky style, heavy antique brass hardware and glossy stain makes it a misfit in most homes today. What a shame!

This one, made by Sumter Cabinet Co in NC, is all wood, has nice storage and a handy table top for bed side or chair side. Let's see what we can do with a little re-design and a little paint.


We removed the thick little doors to paint and decided we had an instant update. Those small lovelies will be used for another project and a basket will be added to the bottom when extra storage is needed.

For this project we're using "Charcoal" by Mother Earth.  Mother Earth paint goes on creamy and has a soft, velvet feel when dry. No brush strokes with the colors we've tried so far.

Whenever possible, turn furniture upside down or lay it on its side to see all the hidden places that need painting. Mineral based paints, like chalk enhanced MEP, change color as they dry. The final top coat changes the color again. Just wait and see!

Note we paint inside our homes. The safe paints create a whole new world for the do-it-yourself crowd.

When applying paint I like to plan ahead about accenting the details of the piece. The details are what allow the painter to create a custom one-of-a-kind piece. This drawer has focal point possibilities!

These edges will be great for distressing.

 This is a corner foot after the top coat has been applied. Legs and feet need lots of attention since they are the foundation of the furniture.

It was late and I didn't have a pale gray when I decided to make the drawer pop!  So a few drops of Charcoal in Mother Earth's Vintage and I had a winner.

To distress or not distress has become my question recently. So I asked for advice and DH said "Distress." And he was right!

The antique brass pull was updated with a metallic paint and then waxed with CeCe Caldwell's Shelbyville Graphite metallic wax.


 This project was safe, easy, fun and economical. And it looks like a new piece of furniture!

Mother Earth products will be available in our web store soon. Many colors are available in Jasper now. If you need something shipped and can't find it in our online store, contact us via email here. We invoice and ship fast.

Read what Nancy does with Charcoal here

--The Fresh Factor/Sharon Wells


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