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This past summer CeCe Caldwell's Paints announced new colors, new products, a new website and a new formula that makes their paint completely sourced and manufactured in the USA!  Hoorah!

The new formula is recognizable by this label...

The first time you open one of these your mouth will probably water and your brain will urge you to rush to the nearest Dairy Queen for a yummy blizzard.

Make mine Pistachio!

I confess I turned at least one can upside down to see if the paint would run out, but don't try that at home!

 It's thick. It's creamy. It's luscious! And to make it pour-able and paint-able, just Stir.  That's right. Stir well from the bottom up and you'll see the paint become just the right consistency. You can still add water but we are finding that we don't need to add much.

My favorite paint paddle/stirrer is a red rubber spatula made by Betty Crocker. I get them at our local Dollar Tree. One end of the spatula stirs the paint and the other end is good for scraping out the cake batter. Oops, the last of the paint. 


Some retailers are finding the new formula goes farther and some not quite as far. Some say the new formula paints more easily and some feel there's a learning curve. As with all CeCe's products, it is relative and very personal to the way a painter paints and uses the products

At Fresh we've noticed the colors we've tried all level out well. We love both original formula and new formula and we paint with both. But before long all the paint on our shelves will be the thick, creamy, dreamy paint that makes you think of a Wendy's frosty.

Visit CeCe Caldwell's new website here to read more news about recent releases. We're trying everything in the studio at Fresh as fast as we can. Stop in and see soon.





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