Nancy in the Studio with a Typewriter

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The Miss Mustard Seed milk paint palette is full of beautiful colors and a favorite is the black named "Typewriter."  On a cold, rainy February day Nancy stayed in the studio and played with paint.  

She picked a vintage architectural piece, probably a door header, that was originally stained and varnished. The aging process  has combined the paint & varnish to make "alligator" crackling. We like that look but this old piece needed freshening.

Milk paint comes in a dry powder which makes it easy for shipping.  When you're ready to paint, mix some of the powder with  an equal part of warm water.  Shake well in a glass jar and you are ready to paint.

Milk paint goes on smoothly and quickly.  Nancy took about 5 minutes to cover this header with Typewriter.

Old varnished look is almost gone.  Sadly, so is the "alligator."

In our studio we love to watch paint dry.  Sometimes milk paint begins to bubble and crackle on its on.  Sometimes it doesn't.  We are not always sure of what our final result is going to be but we are never disappointed.

Once the paint was dry Nancy lightly sanded with a sanding block. She thought she was disappointed that Typewriter didn't bubble and crack until...

...she saw this--the original alligator aging was showing up under the Typewriter.  The paint looks as old as the board.  

Nancy quickly decided to continue sanding and to not apply a second coat of Typewriter. When using milk paint in this way it resembles a stain.

The piece was then finished with Miss Mustard Seed's smooth, buttery Furniture Wax.


 So easy to apply.

The wax dries quickly, buffing is easy and it is's fun to see the warm glow of waxed wood appear.

 Remember this?


 Now it looks like this.  Nancy planned to attach hooks for hanging coats, towels, etc but she sold the board within minutes of finishing it.

 "Now is the time for all good men..."  Oops.  That's a different typewriter.  

More projects from that February morning coming soon.!


Questions about Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint or Ce Ce Caldwell's Chalk & Clay Paints?  Do you need help selecting the proper brush for your next project?  We're happy to help.  Just contact us.

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