Snow Day at Fresh

Posted on January 25, 2014 by Sharon Wells | 0 comments

Deep east Texas, where we live, received a covering of snow this week unlike any we've seen in years.  Fresh even had to close one day because of the temperatures and road conditions.  We think while we were gone our yard art had a little fun.

Looks like our angels played hide and seek in the snow.

And someone used our snow to chill their soda pop.

The bucket remains a mystery.

Transportation was readily available for midnight "sleigh" rides through the snow.

And a nicely cushioned chair.

We think they gathered snow for a snowball fight.

And left things scattered.  It was a fright!

But midst all the fun they must have stood guard because...

...when we arrived in the icy morning...

...Fresh was safe and ready to welcome customers, thanks to our yard guard.

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