Transferring & Aging Images on Furniture

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Two friends joined us Monday night in the studio at Fresh to try some of our newest products. They took a printed image, transferred it to a painted surface, removed a dried image, crackled an image and glazed a different project to reveal the cracks. 

transfer image sample

Fresh now carries a variety of products to help DIYers enhance their projects and elevate their painting style. All products are in the store in Jasper and all will soon be available online. 

Earth friendly products by Artisan Enhancements® are easy-to-use, innovative decorative paint mediums and sealers. These enhancement products pair with our other products and paints to help you take your painting to the next level.

Artisan Enhancement Transfer Gel

Workshop participants painted with Paint Couture™, glazed with Glaze Couture™ and Crackled their transfer with Crackle by Paint Couture.

These ladies were gracious to let us video and photograph them as they worked.  They practiced it all. Painting, applying the transfer, removing the transfer, crackling and then glazing over the crackling to age the transfer. But the hard part was the steps were out of order. Sometimes they worked on the piece they would take home and sometimes they worked on a pieced prepared ahead of time by Nancy. 

This short video shows them carefully removing a dry transfer from a terra cotta pot.

Then they applied Step 1 of the crackling process from the Couture Collection™.

Step 2 of that process requires 8-10 hours of drying time. Our friends like us but they don't want to spend the night. So we switched products and they glazed the base of a tray Nancy prepared ahead of time. We used Glaze Couture™ "Black Chiffon" and in this video one of them is removing or "pulling" glaze from the image.

 More workshops are forthcoming! Additional enhancement workshops are being planned. All products will soon be available online and we hope that with our videos, our availability to you and the excellent educational tools the companies provide, you will be able to try all of these at home soon. 

Of course, our local friends can sign up for a workshop anytime!


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