Welcome 2014 (part 2)

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In 2014 the paint studio at 403 College Street in Jasper will be buzzing.  Fresh will continue to offer the introductory course, Paint Made Easy 101, and a variety of advanced classes as well. "Bring Your Own Junk" workshops offer participants a chance to paint with us, use our product and receive a discount on purchases.  Details about all workshops are available on our website under "training."  

This vintage, primitive unit was available at Fresh for most of last year, but we displayed merchandise on it so it didn't get center stage.  We've cleaned it off to showcase it for a change.  It stands tall and narrow with adjustable shelves.  It was probably hand built in the first half of the 20th century and has been given a "fresh" coat of Ce Ce Caldwell's Vintage White.   The green is a color we mixed just for this piece.  The inside was finished with antiquing cream (we think.)  See it at Fresh.

A few months ago we added a line of milk paint, Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.  "Typewriter" was used on this vintage piece which would now serve as a great entertainment center.  Until the Fresh studio is ready to offer training in this paint, visit here for training videos and help.

Fresh also offers re-purposed furniture pieces.  Below is an antique cupboard door from a house in Nebraska paired with the legs of a treadle sewing machine and an extension bar.  This table would serve as a hall table, sofa table, small desk, side table and we've even been asked about renting it to be used as a dessert table at a wedding.

Fresh carries many pieces for the paint-it-yourself crowd.  Look at the legs on the piece below and imagine how pretty they would be painted with one of the many shades and colors of the paints we have a Fresh.

Sometimes we buy pre-painted pieces.  Even though we don't know the paint used by the painters of these pieces we recognize excellent work when we see it.  And of course anything at Fresh can always be painted over.  Easily painted over with "paint made to be easy."

And sometimes shoppers will find a true 19th century painted piece (with original paint) at Fresh.  This cupboard from upper state New York is such a piece.  These are the pieces that inspire us.  These are the time travelers that we try to preserve.  This old pieces has had some real re-working done to it but it still retains square nails in the boards on the back.  Come see it and us soon!  Fresh is all about home decor!  Home decor begins with furniture.  In 2014 we hope you follow your heart when it comes to furnishing and freshening your home.  

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