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Brass Charm Necklaces--Original Art @ Fresh

Posted on November 30, 2017 by Sharon Wells | 0 comments

"Each necklace is unique and is handmade varying in length from 30''-36". The charms in these necklaces are made from vintage elements taken from jewelry from the past as well as new charms."

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Primer: Painting Mason Jars

Posted on May 09, 2017 by Sharon Wells | 0 comments

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Is Paint Drying Somewhere?

Posted on February 02, 2017 by Sharon Wells | 0 comments

I got an SOS phone call from a friend last week. "The drawers and everything are painted and they look great, but when I apply the glaze..."

" pulls off the paint." I finished her sentence. I know my friend. 


"How long has the paint dried?" 


"Umm, about an hour." She knew she was busted. 

And I knew she had a re-do to do. I was reminded of a sign I saw in the Paint Couture training studio:

"If you don't have time to do it right,
when will you have time to do it over?"

Sometimes our efforts at saving time actually cost us time.

Try making your paint projects wait on you instead of the other way around.  Here's one way to do it.

Apply coats of paint, glaze etc between chores. Throw down a drop cloth and paint inside with these safe all natural paints.Think of paint drying in the same way you would the dishwasher humming or the dryer tumbling. Who sits and waits on those to finish?

Get paint started drying and move on. Ask yourself,

"Is paint drying somewhere?"

Another drying problem for the DIY painter is remembering the difference in drying and curing. When a piece of furniture is ready for a second application it is not ready for staging with heavy accessories. And it won't be for about three weeks!

The free chart we're offering below is the results of researching what the professionals say about drying and curing. The chart is available for download and printing. Keep it handy to remind you to not rush your paint. 

Click to download and print the poster "Dry versus Cured."

Whether you live near Fresh or you are an online friend of Fresh, we want to help with your projects!

Email or call and follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. 



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Fresh Ideas for Last Minute Gifts

Posted on December 04, 2016 by Sharon Wells | 0 comments

A few ideas for last minute gifts that are still in stock at Fresh.  Some items are in short supply so hurry in. We also have gift cards starting at 25.00.

Stocking Stuffers (10.00 and under range)

Decorative Tea Towels (various designs)

decorative tea towel

For the Mason Jar lover: Lids to make those collectible jars function as toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and more. 

lids to fit mason jars

Mason Jar Style Shakers! Crushed Red Pepper, Toothpicks, Salt or Pepper

mason jar shakers

Melts from the House of 1803 Candles! A best seller at Fresh!

1803 melts

Small Toiletries Holder--Another best seller. We can't keep these!

small toiletries holder

20.00 Range Gift Ideas

Desktop perpetual calendar. Just like we use at Fresh. We have two of these left in the box. For your favorite teacher, shop owner, student or anyone who needs to keep up with dates. 

desktop perpetual calendar

Pint Mason Jar Dispensers/Hoosier Soap and Lotion Dispensers
Can you get too many?

mason jar dispenser

Hoosier soap dispenser

hoosier lotion dispenser

New Item at Fresh--Holder for 2 Dispensers (above)
(Need to go in with a friend or co-worker on a gift? This holder plus 2 dispensers costs under 50.00 including tax)

soap and lotion dispenser holder

Scented Jar Candle from 1803
(A favorite gift at Fresh)

1803 soy candle


Linen & Room Spray by 1803 Candles

Distressed Singing Bird Taper Holder
(Just arrived!)

distressed taper candle holder--singing bird

Make the Bag the Gift

This is another great idea for a group gift. Fill a gift container with more gifts. The container is a peek at your good taste!

Gifting jewelry? Presentation perfection--Give it on this wire mini dress form.

mini dress form

Vintage Bucket
(Waste bucket or plant holder--this gift container will be put to use)

Vintage bucket

Wire Basket
(When New Year's Resolutions call for organizing,
this gift container will keep on giving.)

wire basket

Olive Buckets!
For a group gift or a live plant they will love this vintage-style container. At Fresh all olive buckets are now 49.95! 

olive bucket

Rustic Crates & Containers
(If they enjoy decorating they can always use one more vintage crate--So many to choose from at Fresh)

rustic crates

For the next two weeks Fresh will be open our regularly scheduled days.
We hope you stop in to see what else is still available or on sale. Plus we are always unboxing new merchandise. We'd love to help you finish your shopping!

Gift cards begin at 25.00

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Customizing with Glaze & Stain

Posted on July 27, 2016 by Sharon Wells | 0 comments

Glaze or Stain? The actual products are similar. Their use, application and purpose are the real difference.
Top stained with Glaze Couture

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Embossing Workshop--A Family Affair

Posted on July 25, 2016 by Sharon Wells | 0 comments

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Farmhouse Arrivals at Fresh

Posted on July 19, 2016 by Sharon Wells | 0 comments

Fresh Update: When the shop opens Thursday we'll have 4 styles of new canvas pendant lamps in stock. Three of them are perfect for the farmhouse and two for a vintage cottage look. Here's a peek.

Chickens fabric pendant lamp

44.95 at fresh

cow fabric pendant lamp

47.95 at fresh

44.95 at fresh

44.95 at fresh

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